Meet Kendall

Founder, CEO and Nurse Practitioner Kendall Abell brings nine years of aesthetic medicine
experience to Abella Aesthetics. Kendall has worked hard at furthering her education while establishing this business with her twin. She is the mother of four children and one dog who she gains much of her inspiration and motivation from.

Kendall has made a strong mark in the aesthetic industry. Over the past nine years she has led the surgical team of a large plastic surgery practice in Atlanta, as the Nurse Supervisor. She has gained the respect of some of Atlanta’s top plastic surgeons and nurse injectors while working side by side with them. Her innovative approach to aesthetic medicine keeps her hungry for new knowledge and the most up to date techniques.



Can't begin to say enough positive things about Kendall and her time at The Swan Center. Her work ethic is second to none. I always felt confident having her by my side seeing patients. I have no doubt her Med spa will be a success and wish her the very best!

Dr. Joseph Bauer
Award Winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Founder of The Swan Center

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kendall in my Aesthetics practice and would feel confident and comfortable recommending her
to any of my patients. She has a natural talent at what she does.”

Dr. Dean Fardo
Award-Winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“I am so proud of Kendall. It was very nice to have her on my team at Georgia Plastic. While she was here, she took great care of
my patients.”

Dr. Stanley Okoro
Award-Winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“Kendall is one of my favorite human beings on the planet! From the moment I met her, I was inspired by her authenticity and
passion for life and aesthetic medicine. She is super knowledgeable about her
craft and is one of the most driven and ambitious women I’ve had the pleasure to know.”

Clare Taylor, MSN, NP-C
Provider at SkinPharm Atlanta

“Where do I even start with
Kendall? She is THE ABSOLUTE best in the game! She has an eye for aesthetics and is super knowledgeable about her field of work. Also, she is the most caring provider that I have ever worked side by side with. I have always felt
completely at ease and comfortable in her care because of her knowledge, caring nature and attention to detail. She is an amazing colleague and an even better

Kendra Carmichael, MSN, NP-C
Nine years in the Aesthetic Industry

“Kendall is one of the best
nurses I’ve encountered in my 29 year career as a Nurse Anesthetist. She carries herself professionally and is highly skilled. I was very impressed with her ability to react quickly to signs of distress in postoperative patients. A
wonderful asset to the Medical Community.”

Carolyn Patt, BSN, RN, CRNA
Anesthesia Provider for Plastic Surgery